Hashomer Hatzair Life Movement is a network of young entrepreneurs, residing in mission-oriented groups in the social-geographic periphery of Israel.
Our main goal is to promote equality, social justice and democracy in Israel. We operate different frameworks, in the fields of education and social activism and reach tens of thousands of children, youth and adults. Today, the life movement counts more then 12 educators’ kibbutzim, living throughout the country with members aged 21-40 years old.

How To Make A Social Social Change?" Course"

As part of theThe Social Justice Centers' Activity, we have established social change courses that take place in different parts of the country. Recently, we have established a Social Change Course in Rishon Le'Zion. In these courses of 7-8 sessions, we give people the tools and the knowledge that are required to make a change. The aim is to create local groups that will hopefully continue to act for a more just society in Israel. The sessions' educational content includes a social-economic analysis of Israel, a local point of view on the relevant city, learning about protests and struggles that succeeded to make a change and organizing to act as a group.

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Syrian Refugee Education Center & School

After successfully completing our crowdfunding project, we are now operating an Education Center & School for Syrian refugees in the refugee camp in the Island of Lesbos in Greece.

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Shone Ze Shave" Project"

Shone Ze Shave is a project led by Nachshonim Youth Homes for 8th graders in different schools. As a part of this project, the students are going through a session about acceptance of the other in all of the aspects: race, gender, religion etc. Each group of students in the project are finishing with a final product - they learn a choreography of a dance expressing the subject of the project. They dance and film themselves.
Watch a collection of the different groups dance:

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