Haviva Reik Pre-Military Academy for Humanist Leadership, which takes place for one year between graduation from high school and military enrollment, was established in 2017 in order to become a growing ground for youth leadership, and to be a first step for them in being leaders in the Israeli society. The goal of the program is to have its participants enlist in their military service out of a deep sense of mission to protect the borders of the State of Israel, as well as the belief in love for every human being and intolerance towards all forms of racism and discrimination. The participants will see their military service a first step in their mission to build Israeli society and its democratic institutions.

Preparation for the IDF

Within the academy we include preparation for military service, while emphasizing the physical aspects as well as moral and ideological preparation. The different preparation activities include meetings with commanders, introduction to military service dilemmas, sports and fitness activities, and developing personal empowerment in order to lead and deal with military service.

Group Life

Group life is an important pillar of the academy. Throughout the week, students live together, manage their domestic chores and challenges, create an independent culture and learn how to become part of an autonomic society that is responsible for all aspects of life.

Educational Mission

a primary element in the foundations of the academy is the students taking on an educational mission. Throughout the year, they work with children and teens in different educational frameworks in the area of Givat Haviva, and contribute their part in educating and shaping future generations in Israel.


Learning in the academy takes place around diverse subjects, and develops the participants into self-learners who hold a clear world view. The learning happens in diverse environments – through lectures, small group learning, tours, hikes, field workshops and more, where the students challnge questions of morality and shape their world view.

| Uniqueness of the Academy

Diverse Judasim – Students are exposed to Zionism and to the myriad of
movements, ethnicities, schools and beliefs within Judaism, while introducing them to new thinkers, texts and events, and engaging them into the Jewish-zionist-pioneering canon as part of the art of novelty, interpretation and tikkun-amendment.
Studying diverse worlds of content: Zionism, Humanistics, Judaism, Feminism, economy and society, philosophy, the Jewish-Arab engagement, literature and more.
Gender Equality – A substantial identiry and social process in the content field of feminism, exposing the students to a groundbreaking world of content, through which they will eventually see themselves as the ambassadors and torch carriers of these values in Israeli society in general, and in the pre-military academy world in particular.
Multiculturalism – introduction with all the sectors, ethnicities and populations that reside within Israeli society.
Introduction and experience in agricultural work throughout the year, and understanding its importance and meaning to the state and its citizens.
Volunteering in the Community – personal education of youth and meetings with the diverse groups of residents in the Menashe regional council: Kibbutzim, Arab villages, and agricultural villages, through integration in different educational facilities and leading community activities.

| The Life And Action Of Haviva Reik

Haviva Reik is an important role model in the history of Zionism. From a
young age, she joined Hashomer Hatzair in Slovakia where she served as counselor, Branch head and was in charge of Aliyah- immigration to Israel. Reik made Aliyah herself on the even of World War II in 1939, and joined Kibbutz Maanit, where she chose to work in what was then considered men-only jobs – the quary and the orchard. In addition, she coordinated a branch of the Working Mothers Organization in Karkur. In 1942, Haviva Reik volunteered to serve in the Palmach (Elite fighting force of the Haganah), went through commander’s course and later joined the “Settlement Paratroops” who were intended to parachute over the Nazi enemy lines. In 1944 Reik landed in Slovakia and worked for two months with the organization that treated the thousands of Jewish refugees in the area and saving them from the Nazis. After a German invasion on the camp she was organizing, she was taken hostage by the Nazis and was executed together with 250 other Jews. The values that Haviva achieved throughout her short life, devotion to the needs of the community, a pioneering gender attitude, Zionism and love of Israel and a willingness to fight and pay the ultimate personal price for her beliefs, are the values that we cherish in educating the students at the academy, and are
the reason we chose to name the program after her.