The Nachshonim Youth Homes Association

The Nachshonim Association Non-Profit Organization was founded with the aim of creating a national educational model that will address the needs of youth from marginalized groups and in risk environments, who experience difficulties in social engagement and do not normally enjoy access to educational activities outside the formal education system.
The in-depth work with these youth is done with incredible dedication and through a true belief in the the leadership qualities that exist within each boy and girl in the neighborhood where they live. The Nachshonim Houses offer these youngsters a warm, supportive and accepting home, a place where an empowering meeting takes place between the youth, educational counselors and friends – a meeting which transforms the neighborhood into a place that is safer and more pleasant to grow up.
The Nachshonim Youth Houses were established all over Israel, from Naharia in the North to Ashkelon in the South. In our Youth Houses we educate over 1,500 boys in girls in their teens who reach us through the municipal social work departments, school staff and through direct encounters with Nachshonim educational staff who are present in the neighborhood and local community.

Our Goals

1. Developing Local Leadership among the teens, within the neighborhood and the community, through our firm belief in the leadership skills that exist within each participant of the program.
2. Creating a Home for Youngsters – a secure and supportive space that provides a true alternative to the street, and allows an opportunity to be part of and educational group and a normative social experience.
3. Empowering and Developing the Feeling of Capability of each teen to take responsibility, to create, to volunteer and to believe in themselves and their ability to impact their surroundings.

National Service Year In Nachshonim

Every year, the senior educational staff of The Nachshonim Youth Homes is joined by volunteers in their National Service Year, who are recruited specifically to work at Nachshonim Houses. Together with the senior counselors, they facilitate workshops and educational activities at the Houses, personally guide the teens, and run social activities in the schools. In addition, graduates who grew up in Nachshonim Houses volunteer in the service year within a designated group.
The volunteers live in communes and experiment in group-communal life. Alongside their volunteering work, they also have a learning program that includes various subjects such as social justice, feminism, Judaism and more.


The Journey To Ethiopia

This is a unique journey whose goal is to expand the Zionist ethos and all of our Israeli story. The journey is taken by the senior students and the service year volunteers. During the journey we learn and connect with the story of the Ethiopian Jewish community and its brave and groundbreaking journey to the land of Israel.

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