'Psiphas – an Educational Center for Moral Thinking' is a training company with rich educational experience with youth, soldiers, parents and educational staff. We offer many, diverse educational programs on a wide variety of moral and value issues.
Psiphas's activity takes place all over Israel, in cooperation with formal and informal education facilities, through utilizing a myriad of educational methods, including: workshops, tours, seminars, lectures, films and more. Our goal is to raise discussions and encourage participants to take a stance and develop their moral thinking.
Our educational foundation is the equal value of all humans. We work to promote a Zionist, democratic and equal Israeli society, to develop leadership and to empower the moral-social discourse in Israel.

The educational center addresses several layers of content:
• Israeli Society – addressing contemporary dilemmas and meeting different characters with the aim of strengthening different social arenas such as: social engagement, democracy, social justice. In addition, we address in particular to youth culture, leadership and social responsibility, and youth in the age of social media.
• Gender and Sexuality – addressing questions on these issues methodically and openly, offering knowledge and tools for healthy sexuality.
• The workshops and lectures are specifically age-designed, in order to give a unique program for each age group.
• Educators’ Training – on a myriad of subjects, training educational staff to improve team work, shape their educational world view, offer tools to deal with educational dilemmas.
• Journeys to Poland

The Psiphas Educational Center was established and is operated by the members of the Hashomer Hatzair Life Movement, who firmly believe in education as a path to creating a better society.

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