The reality in Israel brings more and more people to go out and demonstrate or otherwise fight for the right to live here in dignity. This situation causes pain and difficulties and there is a real need for an in-depth change in the country and society. More and more people take to the streets and decide not to give in to despair alone in their homes. For a meaningful change to take place in Israel, we need an organized, leader based public with a strong value compass and tools to act and impact. This type of leadership will be built thorugh an infrastructure that belongs to the people, that comes from the grass root level. A strong, consistent and wide leadership that is trained to lead large scale changes and react in real time. A leadership that includes a diversity of people from all backgrounds who engage with each other to act together.
The Social Justice Centers were established in order to organize society in Israel for civil and political, non-partisan action. The centers are a growing ground for collaborations and connections with decision makers, as well as an infrastructure for advancing local and national movements for change. We aspire to grow a new social leadership community that comes from the field, and will succeed in achieving widespread changes in reality. We work to break the existing barriers between different sectors and groups in Israeli society, by creating collaborations and relationships based on the activities of the centers.
The Centers are a national network of homes for learning, taking action, organizing and community work, where we build and promote a network of social activists who are impactful in the reality surrounding them. Together we Change!

“Izzy Carmon and Noam Melki’s piece on the establishment of social justice centers is a format I think Americans would find interesting. After the last election, the Hashomer Hatzair Life Movement convened to discuss what they could do to improve the political environment in Israel. They realized that Israel’s periphery lacks civil society. In Hadera, Naharia or Rehovot, there are no institutions that allow citizens to work together identifying their shared interests and acting as a political force. They decided to form spaces which would facilitate a progressive understanding of Israeli society, teach organizing and activism.”

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Partners for Progressive Israel Social Justice Centers: What Americans can learn from the Progressive Israeli experience

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